Universal aluminum boxes for all areas in everyday life

Aluminium – our amazing material

Light, dimensionally stable, durable and reusable  

These characteristics are predestined for high-grade designs in architecture or vehicle and aircraft manufacturing, and also of course for our aluminium transport and storage boxes.

Light and dimensionally stable


About 50% lighter than steel and more resistant to impacts and deformation than plastic, our boxes offer secure protection even for highly sensitive items such as glass, electronics or optical equipment.




Unaffected by ferromagnetism, our aluminium boxes have unique advantages when transporting sensitive laboratory or measuring instruments or anything else that is sensitive to magnetic fields.

Corrosion and weathering resistant

Resistant to corrosion and impermeable to damp, aluminium protects the contents for a long time against dirt, dust and penetrating damp.

Sustainably reusable

Aluminium can be melted down and turned into new products time after time. No loss of quality occurs when the recycled material is re-used.


Aluminium protects against short-term variations in temperature and keeps the internal temperature more or less constant. Perfect for transporting electronic devices or photographic equipment.

ALUTEC offers aluminium boxes, stackable containers and transport boxes

We are a highly capable expert in this field thanks to many years of experience in the design, production and sale of high-quality aluminium boxes, transport boxes and other transport containers and stackable containers.

We supply the specialist trade, the wholesale trade, market chains and the mail order business with our aluminium boxes, transport boxes, treadplate boxes and other products such as boxes for truck flatbeds, and flagpoles made of aluminium. Our aluminium boxes and transport boxes are highly versatile and make a convincing impression through their top quality, long life and trouble-free handling.

Each stackable container, each aluminium box and each transport box made of aluminium is assembled by hand and given a final check so that our customers can be sure that they will receive a high-quality product. In addition to our standardized transport boxes and aluminium boxes, etc., we can also produce special customized versions to meet customer requirements, if the order is large enough.