Universal aluminum boxes for all areas in everyday life


ALUTEC MÜNCHEN aluminium boxes of the BASIC series with 0.8 mm wall thickness are perfect for all kinds of storage at home or in leisure time when something needs to be transported. Whether tools, garden utensils or leisure equipment – there is hardly anything for which the BASIC aluminium boxes are not the perfect transportation or storage containers.

Basic 40

Aluminiumkisten, Basic 40<br> 10040 Aluboxen
Aluminiumkisten, Basic 40<br> 10040 Aluboxen

Interior dimensions in mm: 535 x 340 x 220

Exterior dimensions in mm: 560 x 370 x 245

Basic 80

Aluminiumkisten, Basic 80<br>10080 Aluboxen
Aluminiumkisten, Basic 80<br>10080 Aluboxen

Interior dimensions in mm: 750 x 355 x 300

Exterior dimensions in mm: 775 x 385 x 325


Light, stable, corrosion, weathering and temperature resistant made of 0.8 mm thick, high-grade aluminium.




Stable, wide-opening folding lid  


Reinforced by aluminium profiles

on box and lid.


Shock-proof and dimensionally stable

due to embossed circumferential creasing


Stackable to save space 

by projection on lid edge.


Dust and splash-water protection

by replaceable, durable rubber gaskets in the frame profile.


Robust, aluminium toggle fasteners with hole for seals, padlocks or cylinder locks. Prepared for mounting cylinder locks (accessory).


Ergonomic, self-folding safety handles with durable, non-slip plastic cover


Cylinder lock

The cylinder lock can easily be retrofitted.

Lock with two identical keys

Item no. 31001

Lock with two unique keys

Item no. 31001 V

Set consisting of two locks and two identical keys

Item no. 31008

Type Item no. Internal dimensions in mm L x W x H Exterior dimensions in mm L x W x H Contents litres Weight kg Handles Reference
Item no.
BASIC 40 10040 535 x 340 x 220 560 x 370 x 240 40 2,98 2 A 40 34040
BASIC 80 10080 750 x 355 x 300 775 x 385 x 320 80 4,18 2 A 81 34081

Clearance dimensions approx. 20 mm less than interior dimensions. Subject to technical and visual changes.

ALUTEC Aluminiumboxen Piktogramm

ALUTEC offers aluminium boxes, stackable containers and transport boxes

We are a highly capable expert in this field thanks to many years of experience in the design, production and sale of high-quality aluminium boxes, transport boxes and other transport containers and stackable containers.

We supply the specialist trade, the wholesale trade, market chains and the mail order business with our aluminium boxes, transport boxes, treadplate boxes and other products such as boxes for truck flatbeds, and flagpoles made of aluminium. Our aluminium boxes and transport boxes are highly versatile and make a convincing impression through their top quality, long life and trouble-free handling.

Each stackable container, each aluminium box and each transport box made of aluminium is assembled by hand and given a final check so that our customers can be sure that they will receive a high-quality product. In addition to our standardized transport boxes and aluminium boxes, etc., we can also produce special customized versions to meet customer requirements, if the order is large enough.